Unexpected Logouts

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For the last day or two I've experienced unexpected logouts from my 3.8RC instance. Most notably if I remotely log into another hub, I need to log into my home hub again afterward. This occurs even if I select "Remember Me" on the login screen. Not sure where to start looking for what may have changed - so any hints would be helpful. It started "recently" - but I'm not sure how recently.
@M. Dent my install is 3.8RC - 1221 and it work fine for me.  Just clicked over to your profile and then Take Me Home... I'm still logged in.

Hmm... maybe should try in a different browser?  I was using Chrome.
I'm on 1224 using Brave currently. I'll check browsers - though I've been using Brave fine for quite a while.
I wonder, is it possible that session timeouts had not been reliably enforced and now they are? I don't know. Just grasping at straws. It isn't 100% reproducible which makes it really hard to track down and very frustrating.. I guess just consider this a data-point in case there are other reports in the future.