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Message Threading

!Hubzilla Support Forum I don't see one, so I'll ask about threading options.  The default sequential threading of messages is ok... but there are times when a REPLY to a specific item in the thread is more effective.  I don't see this capability, just some ordering options.  Obviously, this adds a certain level of complexity so maybe that's why it's avoided (esp. in light of message privs, etc).

I've found some features (or lack of) are based on a platform design or operational philosophy. Is there one regarding item/message threading and inline replies?
I thought maybe it was coming when I saw the db references to parent as well as thread. With this project, I should have known... come and gone.  

Maybe the time it right again?  It would increase familiarity. Limiting the depth seems reasonable.  Presentation is important.
Hopefully you understand the open source way of doing things. Most development is done by somebody with a need making it happen.

Nobody in the project is likely to get in your way if one a) makes the new thing optional and b) doesn't break something that exists. There is a toggle to turn on threading and set the number of levels somewhere in the code. One would probably have to fix a few things because it has been turned off for a long time and there have been a lot of changes in that time.
Finding a fit close enough to my needs that I can adapt is my goal, at which time I do hope to contribute something back to the community.

I hope my questions do not sound like demands and trust no one takes offense.  I am simply exploring the various paths necessary to reach my ends and this forum has been quite helpful!  Happily, I'm finding a great deal of flexibility in the system.  Having built many large and small web-oriented applications over the years, I can see where several typical dead ends have been avoided, so especially appreciate certain aspects of the design.

It's clear I"m late to this party (hence my "come and gone" remark)... still a mystery to me how I've not stumbled across Hubzilla before.  I am not new to the internet nor PHP nor...

Anyway, this seems like a friendly, reasonable place and -- so far as I can tell -- Hubzilla is some solid code that will be able to do what I want (with a little tailoring).  I think this might be a win-win.