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Nested Channels?

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Not that I want to complicate an already intricate system...

Is there any way to nest channels? I want a hierarchical structure but maybe it's just the navigation to channels?  At the least, some way to associate channels with each other in a parent/child manner.

For example, a small podcast network might produce three podcasts.  I want a channel for the network itself and then 3 underneath that level for each podcast.

(I'll probably want CATEGORIES to work the same way but that's NOT what I'm talking about here.)
that maximum we can make 2 forum-mentions in a post.
it is still so @Mario Vavti ?
I've always been one for OPTIONS in systems... and, in this case, it appears there are (at least) 3 WAYS to skin the cat.  

Thanks for the excellent explanation.  I'll have to look at each more specifically to see which seems best for my case.

I'm really liking Hubzilla but STILL have not wrapped my mind around it.  Big.

I am also pretty convinced a lot of what I intend to do will be (1) temporarily hiding even more functionality AND (2) changing the navigation/flow/appearance to make it more intuitive (at some basic member level anyway).
It's not something you can get your head around in a weekend, but it will all start to make sense if you persevere. There are a few places where it's a bit clumsy and hackish but for the most part it's designed for flexibility and extensibility.