Creating Themes

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I've referenced the DOC and also found this good article on THEMES by

Anyone know of a DIAGRAM or FLOWCHART (?) showing the sequence of templates/includes/styles/variables traveled by the system when constructing a regular Hubzilla page?

The system is as intricate as I've seen, but that's fine... once understood, I am confident I can make my site APPEAR the way I want.  I've hacked a few things but there's an order to how components are applied... easy to step on yourself if you don't know what you're doing.

And I'm lazy... don't want to trace down and detail this myself if already done.
The quick way is to include or just download @Sean Tilley 's themes in addition to the standard redmatrix theme, then use a visual diff tool on two theme folders to see what changed. Oh, Hubzilla uses Smarty3 templates in the .tpl files to separate code from presentation.
Once you see how Comanche fits into the picture, the lowlevel stuff is mostly contained in boot.php::construct_page(). It takes the navigation bar, and the "content" which is generated by individual modules (e.g. controllers) and the Comanche page layout (which typically says what to put into the sidebars), and puts it all together.