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Mastodon enjoys all the press attention, it seems. Friendica and Diaspora get mentioned, yet nothing about Hubzilla.

(I'm having health issues preventing more engagement here, sorry; will participate more after surgery in three weeks.)
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Sorry you are not well! All the best to your recovery -


some one how can write English very well should drop Jennifer Jonson a note
Sorry you are not well! I hope things go well for you and your doctors get you patched up quickly.
I think the best use of this article is to use it to ask how does Hubzilla answer the issues raised? Once we have that list in hand (or at least answers that are clearly different from what D* and Mastodon provide) - THEN go to people like Jennifer and others who have written on the topic and say, "Hey, we've been around - we've seen the situation - and here's how we've actually addressed it and provided solutions." Granted, it'd be nice to see our name in print. It'd be nicer if the reporters were able to say, "Hey, here's some folks who have answers and aren't expecting magic pixie dust to solve the issue."

I think Hubzilla and the ZOT ecosystem is uniquely positioned to actually provide some of those answers. I also think there is a need for tools and resources that haven't yet been developed that answer some of the problems.