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Nested Channels?

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Not that I want to complicate an already intricate system...

Is there any way to nest channels? I want a hierarchical structure but maybe it's just the navigation to channels?  At the least, some way to associate channels with each other in a parent/child manner.

For example, a small podcast network might produce three podcasts.  I want a channel for the network itself and then 3 underneath that level for each podcast.

(I'll probably want CATEGORIES to work the same way but that's NOT what I'm talking about here.)
that maximum we can make 2 forum-mentions in a post.
it is still so @Mario Vavti ?
I've always been one for OPTIONS in systems... and, in this case, it appears there are (at least) 3 WAYS to skin the cat.  

Thanks for the excellent explanation.  I'll have to look at each more specifically to see which seems best for my case.

I'm really liking Hubzilla but STILL have not wrapped my mind around it.  Big.

I am also pretty convinced a lot of what I intend to do will be (1) temporarily hiding even more functionality AND (2) changing the navigation/flow/appearance to make it more intuitive (at some basic member level anyway).
It's not something you can get your head around in a weekend, but it will all start to make sense if you persevere. There are a few places where it's a bit clumsy and hackish but for the most part it's designed for flexibility and extensibility.
Delivery Report help

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What is this report telling me?

I made a post on w/image on 20th.

On 22nd, edited the text in the message... but "update ignored".   And it tried to update itself, too? Yet can see the edited version from TLSN account, so the edit worked.

I'd like to distinguish normal vs. unusual behavior.

all 3 are off-line ;-)
so it is normal that they are in the queue. I would say that your delivery report is perfect :)
I was wondering about this too. Thanks for asking, and thanks to Mike and Giac for the responses.
along Coal Creek in Colorado

a nice day...
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Star Posts

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From the doc:
"Ability to mark special posts with a star indicator"

Yet it now appears a Star can ONLY be placed on the main post of a THREAD and not any single POST within that conversation (which is what I want to do).

Is this intended? Or is there a config option I've overlooked?
Yes, I like Save To Folders yet use that more as a permanent, organized collection of bookmarks.  

Star, to me, is a signal to do something later (like read, respond, tell a friend...) and I'll toggle it off when done.  A ToDo list related to posts (and/or comments).

I've also seen where star is used to signal approval (emoticons, too), much like the Thumbs Up LIKE.
As far as I know stars are not seen by others, so not suitable to signal approval.
Indeed.  And I also see a Ratings addon better for that purpose.
favicon switching

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I'm one of those people with TOO MANY TABS open in my browser all the time... so I rely on the icon a lot to find my way around.

Most of the time, MY favicon shows on my site... but when I click a Network Activity post entry (in the sidebar), it retrieves that thread, scrolls to the entry, and changes the icon to a default logo (hubzilla?) even though I am still on my site (have not clicked away to original post domain).

It does the same thing when click (self-hosted) documentation link.

Is there reasoning behind this behavior or is it just an oversight?
Okay, I'll have to look closer at that difference.

It SEEMS like viewing my full Network stream (my icon) should be the same as when I click a network Notification and am taken to the specific new post or comment within my stream (hubzilla logo).
Jeopardy Podcast Category

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radial patterns

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large photo uploaded; about 6MB (above app and PHP.ini limits)

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I tried the bookmark addon but it appears to save ALL LINKS within a post to a (sub)menu/list.  Useful, but I'm really looking to bookmark a POST ITSELF... trying to organize details on certain aspects of Hubzilla where I've found some answers (and to help  update the doc at some point, I hope).

Is there a way to mark a post?

In the gear dropdown, I found Save To Folder but it doesn't seem to do anything... maybe it's for saving any attachments?  

And a star, to me, is a signal to Read Later and then I toggle it off.  I want a more permanent collection of bookmarks and would prefer to use an native tool (dog food), if possible.

I just want to collect and organize posts and/or threads.  Is there!Hubzilla Support Forum
Just to confirm: Once created, saved folders are not currently editable by end-users?

Depends on what you're asking for. A folder is basically a tag which only you can see. You can't change an existing folder name easily, but open a saved folder and you can delete the referenced folder name (tag) from any of the posts/comments in that (virtual) container. If there are no more posts saved to that folder it vanishes.
Yes. I meant there's no UI to change a "folder'" name or delete it. But that'll do nicely. Perfect. Thanks.
Moving... or cloning?

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Nomadic identity is one of the key capabilities of Hubzilla and I'll have to learn more about exactly how that works.

Just FYI, in the Mastodon world, there is a MOVE function which then displays profiles like this (but I don't think it actually does anything else):

Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.  :-)
Natural patterns

Authentication Advice Request

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I'm thinking Hubzilla can handle authentication chores for my web app but am wondering how it applies if I have a GROUP or network of associated sites where I'd like to have Single SIgn On... members sign up at a central site/domain which applies across multiple domain names (Hubzilla sites).  Is this possible or what would be the best "jumping off" point in the code to customize this?  I can link databases as needed.

I do not *think* I'm referring to how I can visit another Hubzilla website and be logged in (to some extent; maybe)... this would be for registered members of the group, not random site visitors or other Hubzilla site members (what is the proper term?).
You can also use LDAP as the central user database and use the ldapauth plugin to put hubzilla login into that organisation. This means you can use a Windows Active Directory domain as an organisational login provider as it is an ldap provider. There's an option in the ldapauth plugin to create an account (and more recently also add a social channel) using the directory provider's existing information on first login.
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Embedding HTML and scripts

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I'm testing how to embed code snippets into a post (or card, or web page, or wiki...).  Found a couple of SECURITY options to ALLOW embedded HTML as well as boxes for enabled/disabled domain names... which I have set.  Are there any others?

I tried a snippet and it gets treated as text:

Undoubtedly missing something... but what?
 addon  app
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I'm going to look into the openstreetmap addon further as @Mike Macgirvin suggests.  It feels like a more comfortable fit for Hubzilla.  As an example, it seems good as there are both PHP and JS files involved as well as retrieving associated media.  I assume there will be a mod elsewhere to add the new bbcode.

Aside from the doc, is there any high-level description of the system architecture?  How things GENERALLY fit and flow?  I'm still getting lost...
Test embed

<div id="vizdex-timelist-plugin">
Q: directory servers

I've looked in the doc but still would like to find a good writeup about the functions of DIRECTORY SERVERS in the Hubzilla world, how to choose one, and maybe how to create one.  I get the general sense, looking for a few more details.

Also, does this selection represent any kind of bottleneck to ME if that Directory Server goes down?  Does it fail over?

(my system is working; have not changed the selection... should I?)

Q: connection permissions

I just set up a new server, seems to be working but still testing it out... yet ALREADY spam has shown up! Which led to my question.

Here is what I see AND what it says in the doc.  How do these match up?

!Hubzilla Support ForumImage/photo
If you click the EDIT button, you will see a "Connection Tools" pull down. The list in the documentation applies to the options seen in the "Connection Tools" pulldown. The UI has undergone some changes recently and it looks like this is one area where some tweaks are needed in the documentation. It would be a great way for someone who doesn't code to contribute to the project!
The documentation is talking about the actions you can perform on established "connections". This person isn't really a connection yet. They're in limbo waiting for you to approve them. Here your choices are a lot simpler. You can either Approve, Ignore, or Delete. Ignore is basically "Not today but I'll keep the request pending".

You probably want "Delete".
RESOLVED: Mastodon Connection Troubleshooting

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I'm setting up new server, enabled social addons, connected to support forum... can post and getting updates OK.

Tried to connect from Hz side to an account on Mastodon.  It shows that account with a red circle w/dash... and it does not receive updates.

Tried to connect from M side, it appears to hang "Awaiting Approval".

UPDATE: Lacking detailed doc, I turned on all of the social networking protocol selections in Addons.  After some tracing, turned OFF PubCrawl ("An unapologetically non-compliant ActivityPub Protocol implementation").  Not sure what it is about but now I can connect both ways with Mastodon.

I will also note that it took a while before the new Hubzilla install would be recognized on the network from the Mastodon side... it was VERY fast on the Hubzilla side.  I don't know what mechanisms determine such propagation in this environment.
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New Hubzilla site up

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Our new site is now online though there is much configuration yet to do.  Hopefully, it will become the categorical commentary component for the VIZdex Annotated Timeline Presentation Platform.

The intent is to establish a viable, standalone, aggregated social environment with the ability to interact with fediverse platforms, such as Mastodon, Diaspora, Pleroma, postActiv, Friendica, GNU Social, Nextcloud,, and more through the ActivityPub, OStatus, and other protocols.